Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Wonders of the Auction House

Being a Gnome in a new world it is quite often I find myself stepped on.  I'm short you know and sometimes people do not like to look down.  Actually, with all the flying mounts all over the place looking up to watch out for falling poop is actually a good idea.

That doesn't mean I go totally unnoticed.  I can still find a place for myself where no one will notice my height.  The auction house.

While I have not been trying to become the next warcraft millionaire by any means I am trying to keep up with my expenditures while leveling on a new server. 

As I have mentioned before, I am always out leveling my professions and with my professions being tailoring and enchanting I am basically destroying the number one way to make money as a new character on a new realm.

When you do not have enchanting everything you get from the quest rewards becomes a game of choose what sells for the most if you do not need anything and then sell it.  That goes for BoEs that drop as well, sell it.  The sell everything approach works nicely.  Not as nicely when you are disenchanting everything instead of selling it.

I guess making an enchanter as my first character was not a great choice but it is not hindering me really.  I just have to spend a lot more time on the AH then I normally do so I can survive and buy stuff.

The other day I reached level 68 and it was off to northrend for me, but first I needed to get my tailoring and enchanting up to northrend levels.  This means, I need at least 350 in each.  Sadly I was 342 in tailoring and 323 in enchanting.   That was after using all my cloth and all my enchanting materials.

So I was left with a choice, move to northrend and leave my professions behind, go back to outlands and quest some more to gather cloth and enchanting materials, or get to work on the auction house.

I decided on the third option.  I did not want to leave my professions behind and questing on a disc priest takes time and I felt I spent enough of it in outlands for the time being.

I had a little over 500 gold so I went to the market and bought everything I could.  I got my tailoring to 350 and my enchanting to 331 in that time and was left with a mere 42 gold.

I went into my bank and pulled out things I collected while leveling and put them all on the market to try and make some gold back so I could get enchanting up.

The next day I logged in to a mailbox full of gold covered goodness which bought me over 500 gold again.  I bought a bunch of enchanting materials and had at it.  A lot of running back and forth and I was finally at 350 enchanting and ready to go to northrend, without cold weather flying because that would run me 425 gold and I was about as short on gold now as I am on stature.

Being I put everything I was leveling enchanting with on scrolls I listed them all on the market and headed off for the night.

Next day I log in and start making my way to northrend, having totally forgotten my mail.  I still do not have old world flight because I think at the moment it would be a waste of gold, so it was a run all the way to the dock for me.  Good thing I remembered the mail before I got there.

There was no sure thing I would make any gold, none of the enchants I made where particularly sought after ones but hey, who knows.  When all was said and done I found myself over the 500 gold mark yet again and more importantly, over the 425 gold mark that I needed for cold weather flying.

I ran back to buy flying, yes, ran.  Good thing I at least have a land mount there, that run can be really long for these little gnome legs I tell you.

I got my flying and headed to northrend.  I few around a little, did the starter quest and the one that sends you to dal so I could save that as my new home and called it a night.  No more auction house working for me.  I worked it enough to get what I need.  Like I said, I am not looking to be a millionaire on this character, just looking to survive.

Maybe I should consider doing more auction house work because that big 4K bill is coming really soon and that is a lot of AH work ahead for me.  I won't rush it.  I do not really care about the speed of my flying, at least not until the hodir quest line that is.

One good thing with wrath content is, depending on your server, it is worth it for an enchanter to vendor the quest items and buy the enchanting materials from the market.  Again, if the market is good like that.

Reminder:  Check that before you start questing in northrend Grumpy.

So I wasted a lot of time and a few days just leveling professions, but the leveling is still moving along nicely.  68 and counting.  If it where not for money issues and the amount of time I have spent running back and forth between trainer and the AH I would be 85 already but you know what, I am kind of liking this.

There is something to be said about not having a main to just send you materials and money that is making it a different type of fun again.  For now at least.

I am already thinking of what will be my second character on that server.

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