Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is that a DK in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

When I reached the level to start healing BC content of course I was worried.  Anyone that has ever healed BC content would be worried.  Hell, anyone that has ever been in BC content since the release of the random dungeon finder would be scared.

I remember leveling a rogue a while back that kept getting the dungeon with the big lobster guy, I can't remember his name but you know who he is.  I did it maybe 5 or 6 times on that rogue. I tanked that guy maybe 5 or 6 times on my rogue.  It always seemed that every time I was there the tank went in to pull and died.  Always.  Not sure why but after the third time I went into the fight expecting to tank it on my rogue.

My little priest is not quite there yet but I am looking forward to it.  I will take that boss as a personal challenge.  I will not let him kill any of my tanks.  I think in all the characters I have ever leveled through there I've only seen one tank survive.

That, for me, is still to come however.  First I need to work my way through the entry level dungeons.  You know, that time between 58-62 where it seems every person in the game is one of two things, a DK or a healer.  If DKs could be healers then everyone would be a DK.

My first dungeon had this glorious make up.  Four worgen blood DKs and my little gnome priest.

Do these people know that blood is the tanking spec?  I level blood on my DKs, but at least I play tank as blood.

Now the 4 tank / 1 healer combo might sound scary at first but you need to remember that at level 58 DKs are so over powered it is crazy.  We mowed through the content as fast as you could think.  They never stopped, they where a massive pulling machine.  Each one trying to out tank the next one.

They moved in a fluid pack of bodies killing as they went forward and whenever they started running out of mobs you would see the death grip hands flying all over the place pulling more in so they did not run out of mobs to kill.  I never had time to loot, they never stopped killing.  Well, I actually did have time to loot some because they rarely needed any heals what so ever.

Everything went down so fast, they where all healing themselves as much as they could and they where all taking nearly no damage.  The whole 4 DK thing might have been scary on the face of things but being they all seemed to know how to play even if they did not know that blood is no longer meant to be a DPS spec.

First journey into the world of healing BC dungeons... compete success.

The second time around I almost felt as if something was missing.  I only had one blood DK.  I did have a total of three however, just the other two where not blood.  All worgens again.

Did someone pass out a memo that said only worgens can be DKs now and I did not get it?

It went smooth again.  Odd, I do not remember seeing this many non-horrible DKs ever before.  6 different ones in 2 runs and none of them managed to turn it into a wipe.

DKs in BC dungeons usually work on this formula.

DK wipe formula for dungeons 58-62

Blood DK Tank - 2 wipes
Other DK Tank - 6 wipes
Blood Melee DK DPS - 2 wipes per
Other Melee DK DPS- 1 wipe per

Basically, the way BC dungeons work is that if you have a DK in your group a wipe is certain.

That 4 blood DK run I should have had 8 wipes based on the formula and I had none.  I feel as if the lights from the heavens shone down upon my tiny gnome ass and blessed me.

After a few more runs, a few more DKs, some tanking without a blood spec, some DPSing in blood spec, even with all the history behind it, not one single wipe.  The gods love me this day for sure.

Still, the only times I have died with exception of that unfortunate light feather incident is in that one dungeon that the tank called me a horrible healer in.  Oddly enough, I was so horrible he was the only person that managed to get me killed, ever.

I won't say it is my healing that kept me alive, and all those DKs alive.  I would say it is an amazing string of luck that kept me alive.

I should get a t-shirt made that says...

10 dungeons
No wipes
Fear me because
I am the master of DKs

And on the back it would say...

and all I got was this crappy t-shirt.

You know what this post means right?  Next dungeon with a DK will be a wipe fest.  It's called murphy's law and murphy seems to hate gnomes even if the heavens loved this gnome this weekend.

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  1. Healing goes like this when it comes to tanks IMHO

    Best healer - Worst Healer
    Warrior - Priest-Shamm-Pali-Drud
    DK - Priest-Pali-Drud-Sham
    Pali - Pali-Drud-Pries-Sham
    Bear - Drud-Sham-Pali-Priest

    Obviously this is very subjective since I have never really healed or tanked with a Pali, but that is my experience.

    It also depends on if the tanks use defensive cooldowns... that said, Druds and DKs almost have to since they are core abilities.