Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ding 50!... Ding 60!... and I hate professions.

Last weekend I moved forward again and slowed down some more too.  I made my goal of 60 but leveling as a priest is taking a while and you know what?  I am liking it.  Partly.

I was unable to buy flying when I hit 60 so it is the life of hoofing it for me and I can't tell you how enjoyable it is.  It makes getting flying seem like a real treat.  It is not that I could not have had the gold to get flying, I could have, but I kept needing to spend it to keep up, or try to, with my professions.

Mostly I am spending an arm and a leg on cloth.  I pass through the areas that drop the cloth I need so quickly that I can never build an ample supply to level up with so I have two choices.  Go back and do low level stuff or buy it.  I decided to do the latter and spend some gold.

It is a good thing that I know how to work the auction house some.  Admittedly I am not working it as best as I could be I am working it well enough that I can usually keep a decent flow coming in to buy more cloth.

I wonder what first timers are like when it comes to things like this.  I know I could have easily went double gathering and sold everything as I leveled to make money but I decided not to because a new player would not know to do that.  I know I could leave my professions behind and come back for them later but again I decided not to.

Most players will try to keep their professions up when leveling which means they will need to farm out of date content or they will need to spend a lot.  Neither of which is exactly a fun prospect for a new player.  I feel bad for them, this game is no longer meant for new players, it is meant for old player to level alts.  Not good for the game if you ask me.

I am really hating that professions have not changed along with the leveling to keep pace.  It really should have.  I should be sitting on a mini gold mine now but instead I am in a perpetual state of being broke because of the amount I need to spend.

I had gotten the love is in the air pet, with the intention to sell it for flying when I needed it and I did.  I got 388 gold for it and did pick up my flying finally and spent some time catching up on my professions, again, spending every last cent I had.

I did not buy level 60 flying for the old world because lets face it, I will not really be in the old world until level 80 again, so I can buy it later.  I need that cloth now.

I think I've spent nearly as much time leveling my professions as I have leveling my character.  It takes forever to enchant things and tailor things it seems.  I am getting to the point where I will need a new rod for enchanting and I am not looking forward to it.

As always, I plan in advance and have been checking the auction house for the bar waiting to see if I can nab it for a cheap price before I need it.  I have not seen once listed, ever.  This is not going to be fun when I get there.

I am really enjoying the feel of being new all over again.  I could have made a DK and farmed stocks to make a massive amount of gold, which I do sometimes on new servers, but I didn't.  I wanted to start at level 1.  I wanted to play as if I did not have a level 55 that would allow me to do that.  Being I am over 60 now I can freely make my DK and not mess with my intentions, but for now I won't.  I am still working on it as is.

I was also thinking of transferring one of my hunters here as a profession mule.  It has inscription and jewelcrafting, two things that will assist me.  Of course it is not geared, just another character I hit 85 with and then left to rot.  I already have other geared hunters.  It is just there because I love leveling hunters.  But again, I am not transferring it over because I want to keep that fresh feeling as best I can.

I know I will never have that brand new to the game feeling because I know too much.  I know that quests, I know where to go to when I want to complete them fast, I know what I can auction and what gets vendored, I know how to make money, I know what items I should save for a rainy day, all those things a new player would have no clue about.

So while I might never get that new player feeling again I can get as close as possible and that is where I am now and I am enjoying it.  Enjoying it with exception that professions really are hell.

I've gotten so spoiled on other servers that if I needed something for a profession one of my other characters had it and even if they didn't they had the gold to buy it or the ability to farm it or make it for me.

Having that cast of characters to work for you is great but that is the one thing I miss but in a way the fact I am missing it so much is what is making this quest such a fun one.

I might not know what my gnome will end up doing but I do know that his journey is something I needed to breath a little life into what has become a stale leveling experience.

Leveling a character I knew would take time to level with professions I knew would be harder to level because of the required items is a bit out of my wheel house for a first character on a new server.  That is why it is different.

I would usually start with a hunter, which is a leveling machine and the worlds perfect farmer, for anything.  Or I might start with a DK which can solo lots of lower stuff right out of the box to get some stuff to sell and give me a gold head start.  Or I might start with a druid who can do everything and do it all well which always makes for a versicle game play option.  I've never made a priest as my first character on any server except for one and that priest hit level 13 a year ago and has not moved since then, so does that really count?  A goblin priest if you are curious.  I like that starting area.

I wanted to add about my dungeon adventures but I will save that for another post.  The first dungeons in the BC area are always a trip.  If you have ever healed them, you know exactly what I am talking about.

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  1. Ah, the good ol DK marathons, because all DKs are tanks :)