Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Wonders of the Auction House

Being a Gnome in a new world it is quite often I find myself stepped on.  I'm short you know and sometimes people do not like to look down.  Actually, with all the flying mounts all over the place looking up to watch out for falling poop is actually a good idea.

That doesn't mean I go totally unnoticed.  I can still find a place for myself where no one will notice my height.  The auction house.

While I have not been trying to become the next warcraft millionaire by any means I am trying to keep up with my expenditures while leveling on a new server. 

As I have mentioned before, I am always out leveling my professions and with my professions being tailoring and enchanting I am basically destroying the number one way to make money as a new character on a new realm.

When you do not have enchanting everything you get from the quest rewards becomes a game of choose what sells for the most if you do not need anything and then sell it.  That goes for BoEs that drop as well, sell it.  The sell everything approach works nicely.  Not as nicely when you are disenchanting everything instead of selling it.

I guess making an enchanter as my first character was not a great choice but it is not hindering me really.  I just have to spend a lot more time on the AH then I normally do so I can survive and buy stuff.

The other day I reached level 68 and it was off to northrend for me, but first I needed to get my tailoring and enchanting up to northrend levels.  This means, I need at least 350 in each.  Sadly I was 342 in tailoring and 323 in enchanting.   That was after using all my cloth and all my enchanting materials.

So I was left with a choice, move to northrend and leave my professions behind, go back to outlands and quest some more to gather cloth and enchanting materials, or get to work on the auction house.

I decided on the third option.  I did not want to leave my professions behind and questing on a disc priest takes time and I felt I spent enough of it in outlands for the time being.

I had a little over 500 gold so I went to the market and bought everything I could.  I got my tailoring to 350 and my enchanting to 331 in that time and was left with a mere 42 gold.

I went into my bank and pulled out things I collected while leveling and put them all on the market to try and make some gold back so I could get enchanting up.

The next day I logged in to a mailbox full of gold covered goodness which bought me over 500 gold again.  I bought a bunch of enchanting materials and had at it.  A lot of running back and forth and I was finally at 350 enchanting and ready to go to northrend, without cold weather flying because that would run me 425 gold and I was about as short on gold now as I am on stature.

Being I put everything I was leveling enchanting with on scrolls I listed them all on the market and headed off for the night.

Next day I log in and start making my way to northrend, having totally forgotten my mail.  I still do not have old world flight because I think at the moment it would be a waste of gold, so it was a run all the way to the dock for me.  Good thing I remembered the mail before I got there.

There was no sure thing I would make any gold, none of the enchants I made where particularly sought after ones but hey, who knows.  When all was said and done I found myself over the 500 gold mark yet again and more importantly, over the 425 gold mark that I needed for cold weather flying.

I ran back to buy flying, yes, ran.  Good thing I at least have a land mount there, that run can be really long for these little gnome legs I tell you.

I got my flying and headed to northrend.  I few around a little, did the starter quest and the one that sends you to dal so I could save that as my new home and called it a night.  No more auction house working for me.  I worked it enough to get what I need.  Like I said, I am not looking to be a millionaire on this character, just looking to survive.

Maybe I should consider doing more auction house work because that big 4K bill is coming really soon and that is a lot of AH work ahead for me.  I won't rush it.  I do not really care about the speed of my flying, at least not until the hodir quest line that is.

One good thing with wrath content is, depending on your server, it is worth it for an enchanter to vendor the quest items and buy the enchanting materials from the market.  Again, if the market is good like that.

Reminder:  Check that before you start questing in northrend Grumpy.

So I wasted a lot of time and a few days just leveling professions, but the leveling is still moving along nicely.  68 and counting.  If it where not for money issues and the amount of time I have spent running back and forth between trainer and the AH I would be 85 already but you know what, I am kind of liking this.

There is something to be said about not having a main to just send you materials and money that is making it a different type of fun again.  For now at least.

I am already thinking of what will be my second character on that server.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is that a DK in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

When I reached the level to start healing BC content of course I was worried.  Anyone that has ever healed BC content would be worried.  Hell, anyone that has ever been in BC content since the release of the random dungeon finder would be scared.

I remember leveling a rogue a while back that kept getting the dungeon with the big lobster guy, I can't remember his name but you know who he is.  I did it maybe 5 or 6 times on that rogue. I tanked that guy maybe 5 or 6 times on my rogue.  It always seemed that every time I was there the tank went in to pull and died.  Always.  Not sure why but after the third time I went into the fight expecting to tank it on my rogue.

My little priest is not quite there yet but I am looking forward to it.  I will take that boss as a personal challenge.  I will not let him kill any of my tanks.  I think in all the characters I have ever leveled through there I've only seen one tank survive.

That, for me, is still to come however.  First I need to work my way through the entry level dungeons.  You know, that time between 58-62 where it seems every person in the game is one of two things, a DK or a healer.  If DKs could be healers then everyone would be a DK.

My first dungeon had this glorious make up.  Four worgen blood DKs and my little gnome priest.

Do these people know that blood is the tanking spec?  I level blood on my DKs, but at least I play tank as blood.

Now the 4 tank / 1 healer combo might sound scary at first but you need to remember that at level 58 DKs are so over powered it is crazy.  We mowed through the content as fast as you could think.  They never stopped, they where a massive pulling machine.  Each one trying to out tank the next one.

They moved in a fluid pack of bodies killing as they went forward and whenever they started running out of mobs you would see the death grip hands flying all over the place pulling more in so they did not run out of mobs to kill.  I never had time to loot, they never stopped killing.  Well, I actually did have time to loot some because they rarely needed any heals what so ever.

Everything went down so fast, they where all healing themselves as much as they could and they where all taking nearly no damage.  The whole 4 DK thing might have been scary on the face of things but being they all seemed to know how to play even if they did not know that blood is no longer meant to be a DPS spec.

First journey into the world of healing BC dungeons... compete success.

The second time around I almost felt as if something was missing.  I only had one blood DK.  I did have a total of three however, just the other two where not blood.  All worgens again.

Did someone pass out a memo that said only worgens can be DKs now and I did not get it?

It went smooth again.  Odd, I do not remember seeing this many non-horrible DKs ever before.  6 different ones in 2 runs and none of them managed to turn it into a wipe.

DKs in BC dungeons usually work on this formula.

DK wipe formula for dungeons 58-62

Blood DK Tank - 2 wipes
Other DK Tank - 6 wipes
Blood Melee DK DPS - 2 wipes per
Other Melee DK DPS- 1 wipe per

Basically, the way BC dungeons work is that if you have a DK in your group a wipe is certain.

That 4 blood DK run I should have had 8 wipes based on the formula and I had none.  I feel as if the lights from the heavens shone down upon my tiny gnome ass and blessed me.

After a few more runs, a few more DKs, some tanking without a blood spec, some DPSing in blood spec, even with all the history behind it, not one single wipe.  The gods love me this day for sure.

Still, the only times I have died with exception of that unfortunate light feather incident is in that one dungeon that the tank called me a horrible healer in.  Oddly enough, I was so horrible he was the only person that managed to get me killed, ever.

I won't say it is my healing that kept me alive, and all those DKs alive.  I would say it is an amazing string of luck that kept me alive.

I should get a t-shirt made that says...

10 dungeons
No wipes
Fear me because
I am the master of DKs

And on the back it would say...

and all I got was this crappy t-shirt.

You know what this post means right?  Next dungeon with a DK will be a wipe fest.  It's called murphy's law and murphy seems to hate gnomes even if the heavens loved this gnome this weekend.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ding 50!... Ding 60!... and I hate professions.

Last weekend I moved forward again and slowed down some more too.  I made my goal of 60 but leveling as a priest is taking a while and you know what?  I am liking it.  Partly.

I was unable to buy flying when I hit 60 so it is the life of hoofing it for me and I can't tell you how enjoyable it is.  It makes getting flying seem like a real treat.  It is not that I could not have had the gold to get flying, I could have, but I kept needing to spend it to keep up, or try to, with my professions.

Mostly I am spending an arm and a leg on cloth.  I pass through the areas that drop the cloth I need so quickly that I can never build an ample supply to level up with so I have two choices.  Go back and do low level stuff or buy it.  I decided to do the latter and spend some gold.

It is a good thing that I know how to work the auction house some.  Admittedly I am not working it as best as I could be I am working it well enough that I can usually keep a decent flow coming in to buy more cloth.

I wonder what first timers are like when it comes to things like this.  I know I could have easily went double gathering and sold everything as I leveled to make money but I decided not to because a new player would not know to do that.  I know I could leave my professions behind and come back for them later but again I decided not to.

Most players will try to keep their professions up when leveling which means they will need to farm out of date content or they will need to spend a lot.  Neither of which is exactly a fun prospect for a new player.  I feel bad for them, this game is no longer meant for new players, it is meant for old player to level alts.  Not good for the game if you ask me.

I am really hating that professions have not changed along with the leveling to keep pace.  It really should have.  I should be sitting on a mini gold mine now but instead I am in a perpetual state of being broke because of the amount I need to spend.

I had gotten the love is in the air pet, with the intention to sell it for flying when I needed it and I did.  I got 388 gold for it and did pick up my flying finally and spent some time catching up on my professions, again, spending every last cent I had.

I did not buy level 60 flying for the old world because lets face it, I will not really be in the old world until level 80 again, so I can buy it later.  I need that cloth now.

I think I've spent nearly as much time leveling my professions as I have leveling my character.  It takes forever to enchant things and tailor things it seems.  I am getting to the point where I will need a new rod for enchanting and I am not looking forward to it.

As always, I plan in advance and have been checking the auction house for the bar waiting to see if I can nab it for a cheap price before I need it.  I have not seen once listed, ever.  This is not going to be fun when I get there.

I am really enjoying the feel of being new all over again.  I could have made a DK and farmed stocks to make a massive amount of gold, which I do sometimes on new servers, but I didn't.  I wanted to start at level 1.  I wanted to play as if I did not have a level 55 that would allow me to do that.  Being I am over 60 now I can freely make my DK and not mess with my intentions, but for now I won't.  I am still working on it as is.

I was also thinking of transferring one of my hunters here as a profession mule.  It has inscription and jewelcrafting, two things that will assist me.  Of course it is not geared, just another character I hit 85 with and then left to rot.  I already have other geared hunters.  It is just there because I love leveling hunters.  But again, I am not transferring it over because I want to keep that fresh feeling as best I can.

I know I will never have that brand new to the game feeling because I know too much.  I know that quests, I know where to go to when I want to complete them fast, I know what I can auction and what gets vendored, I know how to make money, I know what items I should save for a rainy day, all those things a new player would have no clue about.

So while I might never get that new player feeling again I can get as close as possible and that is where I am now and I am enjoying it.  Enjoying it with exception that professions really are hell.

I've gotten so spoiled on other servers that if I needed something for a profession one of my other characters had it and even if they didn't they had the gold to buy it or the ability to farm it or make it for me.

Having that cast of characters to work for you is great but that is the one thing I miss but in a way the fact I am missing it so much is what is making this quest such a fun one.

I might not know what my gnome will end up doing but I do know that his journey is something I needed to breath a little life into what has become a stale leveling experience.

Leveling a character I knew would take time to level with professions I knew would be harder to level because of the required items is a bit out of my wheel house for a first character on a new server.  That is why it is different.

I would usually start with a hunter, which is a leveling machine and the worlds perfect farmer, for anything.  Or I might start with a DK which can solo lots of lower stuff right out of the box to get some stuff to sell and give me a gold head start.  Or I might start with a druid who can do everything and do it all well which always makes for a versicle game play option.  I've never made a priest as my first character on any server except for one and that priest hit level 13 a year ago and has not moved since then, so does that really count?  A goblin priest if you are curious.  I like that starting area.

I wanted to add about my dungeon adventures but I will save that for another post.  The first dungeons in the BC area are always a trip.  If you have ever healed them, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ding 30!... Ding 40!...

Over the weekend I did a little leveling.  Decided to heal a few dungeons in between questing.  For a healer that is a nicer way to level.  Sure it is not as effective time wise after you have done the quests for the dungeon but it is still nice.

While disc priest leveling is a decent way to level it can not hold a candle to hunter leveling.  My hunter's do so much damage in comparison.  If I had to guess I would say no mob lives more then 6 seconds when I level a hunter but with a disc priest the average fight can be 20 or even 30 seconds long.  My priest is already at 1 day played whereas any DPS class would be at least in their 60s by now.

As I said however I am not all about speed leveling this character.  Sure I do it quick because that is the only way to level now.  Everything is quick but it is just a little more reasonable when doing it on a healer that is questing for the majority of their leveling life.

Even as a disc priest you can handle a lot more then you really should be able to in my opinion.  One quest I was working my way to where I needed to get and pulling 1 mob at a time when I made a mistake and got three at once.  Just my luck but they where runners and kept grabbing more friends.  By the time it was all said and done I had 9 bodies at my feet and was nearly oom.

The most I had on me at one time was 5 and it took a lot of multi dotting and burning to work through them all but I got it done.  Before the changes to the game a pull like that would have killed any class in the game without a doubt.  Now even a healer can manage.

In a way it was really fun and a nice break from the standard smite, smite, smite and that is all I do rotation it was a bit of a showing that there really is no risk of death any more.  The only deaths I have suffered are in dungeons so far.  I think there have been 7 of those. 

I did have one death outside of a dungeon but that had nothing to do with mobs.  It had to do with me being so used to having everything on characters and suddenly forgetting that I did not have everything on this one.  I jumped down off a hill with the intention of hitting levitate and did not have any light feathers.  Oops.  I usually always have the glyph.  So that does not really count as an environment death, that is a death of my stupidity.

When a healer questing can keep pulling mobs of equal or higher level and never suffer any deaths you know that the mobs are a tiny bit of a push over.  I am not really saying that things should be brutal or hard but it should never be so easy that a healer can kill a stream of 9 mobs, 5 at one time, all at least 1 level higher, and not die.

I was healing one dungeon where the tank said in chat "I have such a hardon for your heals".  It got a few laughs and of course I took it as a compliment because to me that meant I was doing well.  In another dungeon the tank said that I was the best healer he has ever seen at low levels and was amazed that I had no heirlooms, no trinkets, no rings and no helm yet.  He asked me how I managed to do it when people in all heirlooms sometimes have problems.  I simply said, this is my 5th priest.

I have 5 priests, all disc.  It is not about skill.  It is about familiarity with the class and what they can do.  There is a phase in leveling a disc priest where I could not heal anything no matter how hard I tried.  At least I know when that is and I try to avoid dungeons during that phase.  It is the late 20s to early 30s that can sometimes be a pain in the butt.  Even more so if you do not have heirlooms.

I had another run where the tank kept telling me I sucked.  We wiped.  Often.  He told me, all you do is use heal, you don't know how to play your class.  He told the warrior he was speced wrong, he told the hunter his pet sucked, his dps sucked and he was not standing in the right place.  He told the warlock that his spec sucked.  He told us all we sucked.

So how do I counter that.  I did exactly what he told me to do.  I used only heal.  He when into a pack of mobs, I started casting my heal before he even reached them.  He died before my heal even went off.

I healed the warrior when he went into tank mode and I rezzed the tank after all the mobs where dead.  I told the tank, your heal idea won't work because you go down in less then 3 seconds.  The warrior is easier to heal then you are.

He did not say anything to me.  Maybe he realized I knew what I was doing and there was a reason I was not using just heal on him like he suggested.  He pulled the next pack, he died again, even with me doing things my way, the right way, I just could not keep him up.  I healed the warrior through things again and we finished off the packs.

I rezzed him again and he insulted my ability again, insulted the warrior again, insulted the warlock again and of course to not let him feel left out, insulted the hunter again.  Then after he explained to us how horrible we all where then he dropped group.

I've said it before and I will say it again.  The person with the biggest mouth in a dungeon or raid is usually the worst player there.  This is another case that proves it beyond a doubt.

Even if I have now healed about 8 dungeons that is the only tank I have ran into that I could not keep up.  That was the only complete jerk I have run into.  I ran into a few people I would rather never run with again but that was the only horrible player I have seen so far.  What makes him a horrible player was not the fact he was a really bad tank it was the fact he was a complete jackass.

I have had 7 dungeon deaths.  5 where because of that tank.  One of the other two where from a near wipe where the tank got feared and I was out of range and lost him.  We finished off the packs but I died at the end.  The other one was when me at level thirty something and a mage at 42 tried to two man stocks so I could get some wool cloth to catch up on my tailoring and the mage pulled just a few to many.  Those guys stun, that is no fun.

So if basically every death I ever had came at the hands of a single tank in a single dungeon that surely must mean I am a bad healer.

Next up for this bad healer is level 50.  I am hoping to push for 60 this weekend.

Tune in for the next update...
Same bat time...
Same bat channel...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Dungeons or PvP or Questing

I have to decide on what I want to do with my little gnome priest when I pop on this weekend.  I know questing is the absolute fastest way to level.  I've proved it many times.  It is even faster then having someone drag you through dungeons and doing all the work for you.

I could continue with the questing and if I do I will do it as disc.  My priests heal, no shadow for me.  I am a gamer purist and believe that priests should heal and warrior should tank.  As such, my warriors always level prot and my priests always level disc.  At least both make for quite effective leveling specs.  Don't let anyone fool you, a disc priest is a leveling machine and is without doubt the best healing spec of any class when it comes to questing as a healer.

I could do dungeons.  I don't think I've ever healed 80% of the dungeons at lower levels.  I am not even sure there would be much healing needed.  I guess that would work with disc priest as well.  Atonement healing will basically allow me to DPS my way through dungeons as a healer and will most likely out DPS most people speced as damage.  Not like DPS in low level dungeons matter.  Then again, tank and healers in low level dungeons really don't matter all that much either.  I don't think it is until level 40 or so that spec actually starts to make even the slightest of difference.

I might dabble in some dungeons just for the fun of it.  It will also help me get some gear which is something I lack not having any BoA gear on this character of course.  This alone makes the idea of running a dungeon here and there a good idea.

I could go the PvP route.  While it is not a solid leveling opportunity like it was when I leveled a priest back when they had the daily battleground it is still some experience and it can still be fun.  Low level disc priests are hell on others in battlegrounds and even if I am lacking gear on that character I do have a buttload of experience as a priest in battlegrounds having leveled 2 priests nearly entirely through PvP. 

I've also now passed the twink bracket being I am 21 and won't have to run into people with trial accounts only that are made to be level 20 PvP gods.

Speaking of trial account PvP gods I am thinking of making a trail account to do just the same.  I could twink myself out nicely.  Not sure what class or spec I would do but I must say a disc priest is pretty sweet at that level when your shield is more then your life total to begin with.  It means people have to kill you twice in less then 15 seconds to kill you otherwise you will be back up to full and shielded to force them to have to kill you twice again.  The joys of disc at low levels.

When you have 300 life and put a 600 shield on yourself, now that is awesome.  If only my 130K life priest could put 260K shields on herself I would be the mother of all healers.

I think I will play around some.  Something I have not done in a while.  I'll not stress the leveling and start to just dabble in everything.  That is the joy of being on a new server with no mains.  There is no one I have to catch up to.  Sad part is, I will probably still be 85 in less then 4 days played even if I dilly dally around.

I wish leveling took longer, leveling is (was) so much fun.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ding! 10... Ding! 20

The gnome is moving along nicely even if I have not been playing him all that much.  I did not play much this sunday as intended because there were so many other things to do with the new holiday event and DMF being around again and of course the super bowl being on.  Otherwise he would have gotten his fair share of play time.

I hit 10 without even trying really, it is not like it takes any effort.  When I created the character I messaged the guild master for an invite and got in.  A few minutes later he whispered me saying wow, being I was already level 6.

There is a secret to quick leveling in the gnome starting area.  If you really wanted to you can get to level 10 in the gnome starting area in less then 5 minutes play time.  There is a rare that spawns every 10 minutes.  He spawns in the same spot and, get this, he drops a bag every time.

So starting a gnome, farm this baby.  If you are on a new server it is nice starting with a full set of bags.  You will pass the area while questing at least 4 times, might as well check to see if he is there each time.  I did not farm him but I did end up getting two kills in on him.  One when I first went there for a quest and once again passing by later.

When I first ran into him I was a brand spanking new level 4.  Killing him got me to 5, turning in the quests got me to level 6, nice and quick, 2 quests, 2 levels, thanks to him.

When leveling, in the old world at least, killing rares is amazing to level up.  They give more experience then a quest does for that level and if you happen to have rested then you will most likely use your entire rested bar on that one kill at low levels. 

Lets say a quest is going to give you 700 experience to complete it, the mob will give you 1400 experience to kill it.  2800 if you have rested.  That is enough to get a level 4 to level 6 all by itself.  So if you see a rare while leveling and you are interested in leveling quick, drop everything you are doing and go for it right away.  It is like doing 2 quests at once with 1 kill even if not on rested.

My little gnome had his first close call while leveling.  It was almost gnome soup for the robots in one cave I delved into.  I was just finished fighting off two angry robotic chickens when a mechostrider with a rare portrait came charging in.  I was low on mana, had no wand yet, and at half life to begin with.  So there I was, sweat flowing from my brow from my recent skirmish with the robot chickens from hell when he pounced me and all I could do was whack on him with my staff.

Saving my mana for defense only, a shield when I could and a renew to recoup when my shield was up I slowly beat him down with my all mighty staff.  Melee gnome priests for the win baby.  I beat him like a red headed stepchild and got a level for my hard work.  Have to love those rares, but that rare likes to run around.  No need to drop everything and go for him, in there he will find you.

I escaped with only a few bits of life left and not enough mana to cast anything but the most important thing is I was alive.  The gnome lives to fight for another day and did not have to make the dreaded spirit walk.

Level 20 came shortly after.  I made it back to town to get my riding training and work up my skills a little.  I took enchanting and tailoring like any self respecting priest healer should.  I worked them up quite nicely.

I popped on long enough on sunday to do a couple of the darkmoon quests, mostly for the free 5 points to cooking tailoring and enchanting, experience and skill points, who can turn that down?  It was then I noticed I never picked up fishing, or did I?  A priest healer without fishing, that is so not me.  I love to fish on my priests.  Not sure what the connection is but it always seems that my biggest fishers, outside of my main, are priests.  I'll probably grab that some time this week. 

I could have sworn I knew fishing, I have done fishing dailies.  Maybe I did not get the fishing quest because my fishing it too low.  Come to think of it, that much be it.  It has to be that.  Now that I think of it I know for a fact I have done the fishing daily once.  I had to catch young ironjaw.  Now I am thinking there has to be a fishing level requirement for the fishing quest being it was not offered to me.  Call me a perplexed gnome.  I need to figure this one out.  I will not, can not, pass up free skill points.

After doing the darkmoon stuff I popped over to stormwind and did one of the love is in the air things, I'll do the rest later this week most likely, but it was enough to ding me to 21 now.  Not bad for a days work questing with no risk or running basically.

Now for a neat little trick if anyone wants to give it a shot.

When bouncing around to all the capitals, it could take a bit of travel time and even if getting back is only a hearth away sometimes you might find your hearth on cooldown.

Go to the darkmoon representative in any major city and pay them a pittance of 30 silver and they will port you to the faire.  Basically, you can get a free trip back to stormwind from anywhere if your hearth is on cooldown.

Nice trick huh?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Gnome Has Landed + Server Transfering?

I am not sure how long the gnome will last but I figured I would create a blog just for him.  My new Gnome Priest, aptly named, Grumpygnome has been made on whisperwind.

For the moment he will exist for the sole purpose of something to do on an alt in a guild of someone from my blog roll.  If my track record proves anything he will most likely get lost in the shuffle when new content comes out like many of my other alts have before.  Being MoP will most likely be the next collection of new content I can probably get him to 85 and get him caught up in gear to maybe even help raiding in that guild for a bit, who knows.

So why didn't I transfer over any of my other priests to there one might ask.  Because I am being cheap and not wanting to waste the few bucks it costs.  Really.  That is the reason.  It is so easy to level now so why waste the money.

Easy leveling has made paying a transfer cost worthless really for an alt.  If it where a main with 10K+ achievement points, 100+ pets and 100+ mounts, I can see paying to server transfer it but most my alts have maybe 3K-5K achievement points at most, which is easy to get and perhaps a dozen mounts and pets, which is also easy to get.  So unless it is a main, why ever pay to transfer?

It makes you wonder if blizzard is shooting themselves in the foot with the upcoming changes where achievements, pets and mounts will all be account wide.  With that said, you can level a new character nearly instantly and have all the the achievements, mounts and pets you have worked for over so many years on that character.

So why pay the transfer fee?  To save yourself 3 or 4 days play time leveling is the only reason.  Leveling is the best part of the game in my opinion, why would you want to skip the already way too short time you have to do that.  Oh well, maybe it is just me but I wouldn't.

I might log him in for the first time at some point today just to set up my UI.  It takes me longer to set up my UI then it takes me to get to level 20 most of the time.  I guess I am picky with how I have things set up.

Oddly enough, most of my characters have the same type of UI design with the exception of my priests.  They have a UI design all their own.  I guess I developed a different feeling for them and had different needs for them being I leveled my first priest through PvP only.

I've never had a gnome priest before so at least this one fits into my idea of trying to get one of every class and race to max level. 

The journey will begin soon, in short bursts of leveling, no pun intended.